Emily’s Eyes

Emily’s Eyes

I have known Emily since she was a little girl. What a great kid, so smart, so talented, so motivated, a shining star.

I have photographed Emily on several occasions, most recently I photographed her with her friend Victor. They both needed professional photographs with their violas.

What an amazing photo session.

First of all, Emily has grown into a gorgeous woman. She and her friend Victor were such a pleasure to photograph. We had several clothing changes and had the good fortune to use Cochran Chapel at Phillip’s Academy because Emily is an alum from there.

We produced many images from this session that I love.

One day in September Emily called me. She said “I know this is a strange request, but could you send me an photo of my eyes.” She told me that she was recently diagnosed with being allergic to the tears in her eyes. She was no longer able to wear contacts and her glasses didn’t provide enough peripheral vision. She had to quit orchestra because of it which was a great loss to her. The only fix was lasik surgery and that was very expensive.

The lasik doctor had “The most beautiful eyes” contest for free lasik surgery. The contest involved people posting photos of their eyes to his website and the person with the most votes during the contest would win free lasik surgery. Emily asked me to choose a photo of her eyes to use in the contest. I did that and then every of the contest I added a new photo of her to my facebook page so that all of emily’s facebook friends would be reminded to vote for Emily that day.

AND guess what. Emily WON the contest. We were both so thrilled.

Wow, it felt so good that my photos had a part in helping Emily with her eye problems. Photographs can bring many good things to the world.